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Index? Because I was bored... and not because I have a lot. LOL.

An Imperfect Disaster [RyoDa PG] [here]
--> Yamapi is a Scary Drunk [Sequel PG-13] [here]
-----> In the End, There are No Regrets [Sequel Pg-13] [here]
Bootilicious [RyoDa, etc PGish] [here]
I Can Get Used to Second Best [T&T, MatsuJun/Tsubasa, MatsuJun/? PG-13] [here]
Adultery [Koki/Yasu, Koki/Tesshi PG] [here]

A One Night Stand [RyoDa PG-13] [1] [2]
Get Over It [RyoDa PG(now)] [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
It's Just One Of Those Days [prologue] [1]
Adventures of a Superhero [Prologue+1] [2]

Drabbles/Things I may or may not Pimp later:

When it Rains [here]
Loneliness [here]
Their Love is Real [here]
It's Always Nice to Make New Friends [here]

Random (Warning! May not be dial-up friendly!):
Pictures [1]
The Plushie Diaries [here]

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5 Mars
4 Aki
3 Super Junior
1 Epik High
2 Haruma Miura
6 2am
8 2pm
3 Stock
7 Supernova
18 FTIsland
29 Hey Girl
3 Wondergirls
1 Yamashita Rina
12 Battle
16 The Gazette

Top Combine - Mars

SID - Aki

Super Junior - Kangin, Donghae

Epik High

Haruma Miura

2am - Changmin

2pm - Taekyeon, Nickhun, Chansung, Junsu


ChoShinSung/Supernova - Sungje

FTIsland - Jonghun, Hongki

Hey Girl - Ya Tou/Gui Gui

Wondergirls - Sun Mi

Models - Yamashita Rina

Battle - Lio, Group

The Gazette - Reita

Can be used as Bases.
No credit necessary.
How can I become better?

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Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiirst time maker. ooo:!!!!

Tell me what you think? `:333?
Where I need improvements and all that... I know I need some brushes to make them fancier, but I thought I'd try some out here. `:333 Also... Maybe I should resize some... They're pretty big some of the banners, ne? o:

Icons - Stock

Graphics - 2AM

Graphics - 2PM
 Reduced: 85% of original size [ 600 x 278 ] - Click to view full image

Graphics - FTIsland

Icon - DBSK/Super Junior

Icon - An Cafe/Kanon

Icons - Top Combine/Mars

Icons - Epik High

Icons - Epik High

Icon - Eternal Morning

FO banners - Epik High

LJ Banners - Epik High
 Reduced: 56% of original size [ 900 x 518 ] - Click to view full image

Critique me please. (:

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Get Over It

Title: What happened?
Fandom: NEWS, KAT-TUN, Jrs
Pairings: RyoDa, PiDa, etc
Genre: Angsty? Don't really know since nothing really happened yet. `=]
Rating: PG-13 ish? May progress as chapters build. Depending on my mood, ne? `=O
Dedication: akasora requested a PiDa. I only believe in the power of RyoDa. `=] Oh! And therese_chan won the game last time! So she gets this chappie! `=D I hope you like it... actually... I hope you still are reading this. LOL. Sorry for the long period of time! T.T
Summary: This is the part where Ryo and Yamapi confront each other...
Warnings: Um... Backstabbing... I guess... and... oh... not beta'd... `T.T
Author Notes/Disclaimer: I love Johnny-san... really I do... LOL. I wish I owned everything that is in his company. Yo, Gah. `x] Please to comments and such. I live on them. Haha. No, but seriously, I would love some constructive criticism. I know my writing needs improvement and I would appreciate it if my readers would tell me honestly how they feel in tones that aren't full of attitude. Mmmkay? `=] On another note... I like it most when I have more than one person beta'ing my fics. It irks me when only one person reads them over and over again. LoL. I feel like we would eventually get too used to each other. So I was wondering if there is anyone else who would like to beta for me? Much appreciated. LoL. And if you want to know how many people have beta'd for me already... I would say... around... 5 or so. `=] Well... so far anyway. And yes, I do change my styles of writing... depending on the suggestions of my beta. Anyway... thanks if you read this. `xD

Chappa 1
Chappa 2
Chappa 3
Chappa 4

Part 5


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Happy Birthday Princess! `8D

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It's Always Nice to Make New Friends

Title: It's Always Nice to Make New Friends
Fandom: KAT-TUN, Arashi
Pairings: None really. `xD
Genre: Um... Drabble? Light-heartedness!
Rating: G
Summary: Waaaah. Nakamaru heads down to an amusement park
Author Notes/Disclaimer: I don't own anything... though I would totally love to! This is for a friend because she asked for something having to do with Nakamaru and Nino. `xD And... This is what I came up with? *shrugs*

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Chris - Fun

Their Love is Real

Title: Their Love is Real
Fandom: Arashi! Takki & Tsubasa
Pairings: Takki/MatsuJun
Genre: Um... Drabble? Romance? Angst? *shrugs*
Rating: PG
Summary: Waaaah. Takki contemplates.
Author Notes/Disclaimer: I don't own anything... though I would totally love to have MatsuJun as my older brother! `=DDD Oh... and this is kinda for Riri since she made me this lovely banner. `xD It's where I got the name of the fic. `xDDD


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Title: Loneliness
Fandom: Kanjani8! Arashi!
Pairings: Tacchon/ ... ?
Genre: Um... Drabble? Romance? Seduction? WHUT. `>.>
Rating: PG
Summary: Waaaah. Tacchon gets bored being with Kanjani8... He decides to go for a little walk. `=D
Author Notes/Disclaimer: I don't own anything... though I would totally love to have Tacchon as a big brother... `=D Oh... and this is unbeta'd because I didn't really plan on pimping it anywhere... which it really won't be... `xD
Dedication: niu_hana... Because it's all her fault! `xD


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I want them. Like... so bad. `T.T
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When It Rains

Title: When It Rains
Fandom: NEWS
Pairings: KusaShi [Kusano/Tegoshi]
Genre: Angst.... Drabble.
Rating: PG?
Summary: They should have said these a long time ago...
Author Notes/Disclaimer: I don't own anything... This is for ruledaworld ... because her OTP is unfulfilled.

Maybe there was something more. More to this... than just wild feelings and lonely nights.

Just like every time it rained, Tegoshi felt the bed become slightly lighter. He didn't know what to do. He didn't know what to say. Every time this happened, he always stayed in bed and listened. Listened as the person he cared about most, cried his heart out every night it rained. He hated these feelings. He was God, dammit. This feeling of helplessness was not something he could stand.

_ _ _ _

Kusano slowly got up from the bed and made his way to the windowsill. He never knew how to express his feelings. Ever since that time. The time that would never... should never be mentioned. Even now he would deny it whole heartedly... Even know he would apologize like it was all his fault... Even now he would never tell that person in his bed what he was thinking. It wasn't worth it.

He felt weak arms try to snake around to give him a hug from behind.

Kusano quickly shrugged them off and wiped at his eyes. He turned to his lover

What are you doing here!? His eyes spoke volumes.

I'm trying to comfort you! Tesshi's eyes watered.

I don't need your comfort! Notti's eyebrows furrowed.

Why can't you talk to me!? Yuya couldn't take it.

Why do you even care!? Kusano pushed Tegoshi away.

"It's not fair Hironori! I see you do this every time it rains. My heart aches every time I hear you sob when it thunders! What do you want from me!? Did you really think that I wouldn't want to do anything?!" Tegoshi screamed from the floor.

"SINCE WHEN DID YOU CARE!?" Kusano roared right back.

"I always cared!"

"Liar. You never cared. The day I was suspended, I knew you went to his place. I know what you two were doing. YOU NEVER ONCE THOUGHT OF ME," Notti sobbed.

"What the hell are you talking about!? Hiro, YOU LEFT ME. It wasn't right after you were suspended! He comforted me. What the hell are you talking about!?" Tegoshi was a bubbling mass of tears. When was this going to end? "You're the one who went off to do Playzone with Uchi. You were the one who didn't even talk to me for two years. You're the one who didn't even look at me! All you saw was Uchi!"

"No. Uchi has Keiichan. At least Uchi has someone there to be there for him! All I have is you. The slut who transformed fast the moment we were put on hiatus. The whore who went on to be TegoMass without even telling me. The bitch who went on NEWS' tour without a second glance back at me!" Kusano went down and straddled Tegoshi, placing his arms on the boy's shoulders. He shook hard. "The bastard who didn't even come to watch Playzone." With that... Kusano got up and stalked out of the room.

"I was there, you idiot. You were just too busy looking at Shige to notice that I was sitting right next to him." Tegoshi curled up and cried. Cried like he did every time it rained.

_ _ _
Hmmm. LoL.
Gosh this was so angsty... `>.<
Let's make a little fun at the end. Shall we? `=]
Ummm... I'll try to write you a drabble... `8D
(Please to no Ryo/Anyone from K8 or Ueda/Anyone other than Ryo. `xD)
If you tell me who this squishy is...
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Adventures of a Superhero

Title: Shi - bu - YA
Fandom: Kanjani8!
Pairings: Are there any? Who knows?! `T.T
Genre: Um... light hearted. `=]
Rating: G
Summary: Waaaah. I want a Subaru plushie. In Kanjani8 form... and in Dot Hack Sign form.
So I can make them play together and be all like... "Waaah! You're Subaru? I'm Subaru! Let's be friends!"
K8 Baru would be all like, "Waaah! You're cool for an anime character!"
And DHS Subara would be all like... "I don't say 'waaaah', but if I did, I'd say it just to describe what I think of you!"
YEAH! That's a winner. *twirls*

Author Notes/Disclaimer: I don't own anything... though I would totally love to squish Subaru whenever I could. `>.> Anyway... lunarsweetie and I started playing Round Robin. `8D And it was pertaining to this random idea I had... that we talked about... and I was all like. GRAH. `>.> Haha. So this is what came up. We're not done... and it's... technically all a series of drabbles. `xD I hope you don't mind the shortness... *shrugs* Next chappie will be by her. Annnd she will post it up. `=D

Subaru.  Shibutani Subaru.
Yeah... that's my name.
Now, you may be thinking to yourself, "God, that's a pretty fucking awesome name."
And you'd be right. It is a pretty cool name.
Especially my given name. Subaru.
Now, don't get me wrong. My family name Shibutani is pretty cool too.
But Subaru is kickass.
I mean really? How common is the name Subaru?
I have a friggin' car named outta me.

Anyway, my name is Shibutani Subaru.
And this is the story of how I... kinda went insane.
Not that I wasn't already... `>.>

Start of Fic
Subaru was bored.
It was the first day over his vacation... and everyone was busy.
He didn't like the fact that he was stuck in his Tokyo apartment when he could be in Osaka with all his friends and family... But he was stuck in Tokyo for his vacation because Johnny-san may call him at a random time. Apparently, Johnny-san had a very important job for Subaru coming up.

" 'God, how can all of my super eito ranger friends, be busy!?' cried the lonely red ranger," Subaru started to play around in his apartment. He projected his voice loudly, pretending to be the announcer of the eito skits.

He ran to his hat room to pick the perfect hat for being a baddie... and of course, his eito red helmet.

"Ah, maybe I should wear these. I just got a perm," Subaru said to no one in particular. "Buuuut, I love hats. I need a new hairdo anyway. The perm thing is getting over done. Maybe I'll go blonde like eito yellow!"

Subaru decided against the hats. He had already played Eito Rangers for a good hour.
He needed to get out of his apartment... or he would lose it.

Author 1::: Soooo what do you think? Would you like to see how it continues? Or should we just stop and play amongst ourselves? `xD
Chris - Fun

The Plushie Diaries

Title::: The Plushie Diaries
Authors::: lunarsweetie and tomoyokurogane
Pairings: Koyato, KoyamaUchi, ShigeMass, RyoChi, RyoDa, SuShi, KoYa (tesshi/koki), etc
Genre: A CRACK fic. WHUT.
Rating: FgdS for Friggin' Gosh Darn SMEXY
Summary: This was a fun conversation. WHUT. LMAO. Uchi... and Shige... GET IT ON. `>.> No... Haha. Because lunarsweetie asked for a plushie!Keiichan... I gave her one.... Little did I know... that she would kill him! `T.T
Annnnd... When... I got home... I was tired... but not at the same time. Vacation was a long and rigorous battle. Waaaah. I needed to relieve some stress... so I post... this. `8D... I'm... technically not off vacation yet... we just are sleeping here at our house until we get a move on to more relatives... `T.T Anyway... On... to whatever you want to call this... `=D

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